this is my journal :3

march 22, 2024

i got an eyebrow piercing and dyed my hair! i went to a tattoo/piercing parlor for the piercing. i dyed my hair myself with the help of my mom ofc.

also, i've been playing splatoon like crazy (also fortnite but lets not talk about that). i think it's a little funny that i hated on fortnite for so long and then ended up practically being obsessed with the game.

i also bought tickets to see bôa in september! i'm super excited because i get to see a band i love with my friend!

february 12, 2024

i'm currently thinking about getting an eyebrow piercing and tattoo!

i just need money for it... man, i wish stuff wasn't so expensive but i get it. especially for stuff like piercings and tattoos. i'm trying to save up for a car and i'm excited to be able to do more stuff on my own. i've struggled with mental illness for a long time and it's been hard to do stuff on my own. me learning to save up and learning about other adult stuff like taxes and stuff means a lot to me.

i've been thinking about other stuff too like how i want to reconnect with family. a lot of the broken relationships i have with people is due to my own struggles and i wouldn't blame them if they wouldn't want to speak to me again. it's been around 4 years i think since i cut so many people off. i know i needed it at the time and i know i should have gone better about it, but i just followed my heart.

anyways, i'm glad i'm at the state of mind where i can potentionally repair relationships that were ruined due to mental illness.

july 15, 2023

sometimes i think about how life can be a lot and overwhelming but then i remember that it'll all be worth it in the end. you have to make a sacrifice to make the rest more sweet.

i know it's super cheesy but believing that out of everything that came from some atoms, some supernovas, some mess of the universe, i came out of all that mess is somewhat comforting. i think life can be beautiful and that humans can be wonderful, but sometimes it's hard to stick to those beliefs. i try my best to be a positive person when it comes to the world and all it's things, but it really does get hard.

sorry for going on a depressing rant but i feel like people do need to say depressive stuff in order to feel better. everyone probably agrees and i'm just here acting like it's just me but i swear everyone tries to force each other to be positive all the time, but that's not healthy.

anyways, i got a sony cybershot dsc w830 from my parents. well, they didn't give it to me, just lended it to me. i took a lot of photos with my friends and uploaded them. i really love having the ability to capture a moment. especially after refusing to photograph special moments earlier on in my life.

june 16, 2023

the spiderverse animated movies have literally changed my life. they're genuinely so good and as an animation major, i'm so happy to see people appreciate animation.

i hope they confirm gwen is trans or something because it'll be nice to see representation on the big screen!

like everyone who has seen atsv, i can confirm miguel is so fine. like insanely fine. i see a man with a great build and trauma and i start going insane. i have a whole thread with just edits on an alt account...

p.s. i passed all my classes this spring semester so i don't have to take math ever again! (i hope) i've always struggled with math so it's a big relief to just not have to worry about that. i also got a 100 on my finals for two of my classes which i'm super proud of :D

may 16, 2023

hi! this is my first journal entry. it is still a wip so pls be patient as i am still figuring out what i would like this page to look like :P

besides that, my semster is almost over which means i will have more time for myself, video games, and art! but that also unfortunately means i focus on work... i enjoy working where i do. the people are nice and it's just my pace.